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SMACNA of Western Pennsylvania, Inc.

Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association

Members of SMACNA of Western Pennsylvania are union sheet metal contractors determined to provide their customers with a quality product, safely, on-time, and within the parameters of the budget.

When employing a SMACNA of Western Pennsylvania contractor, you will receive:

  • The most technically advanced firms in the Industry
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Project completion on time and on budget
  • The most safety conscious workforce on the jobsite
  • Systems installed right the first time
  • The ability to have a drug and alcohol-free jobsite

To become a member of SMACNA of Western Pennsylvania, you must:

  • Have a sheet metal shop located within the Association’s 23 county area
  • Be signatory to Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 12
  • Submit an application for membership to the Association’s office
  • Pay a one-time initiation fee of $50

Once you are accepted for membership by our Board of Directors, you will gain access to numerous benefits, including membership in the SMACNA National Association. This will enable you to gain further benefits that include the many technical manuals and publications available from the National Association that address the many needs of sheet metal contractors.

These publications range from Architectural, Industrial, HVAC and Specialty fields to Safety and Business Management. On the national level, SMACNA, Inc. is highly regarded as one of the premier trade associations within the construction industry. As a member of SMACNA of Western Pennsylvania, we will pay your annual membership dues to SMACNA National.